May 19, 2023

What are the Different Types of PVC Fencing?




Installing a new fence around your property can protect it and make it attractive. But choosing the best type of fence can be a big challenge. There are many fencing options in the market

People install a fence for various reasons, including:

There are different types of PVC or Vinyl fencing. You can pick one based on your needs; these fences are no longer plain white and dull. There are now available in different colors, styles, patterns, and tops. Therefore you can have a PVC fence that matches your sense of style.

Here are different types of PVC fences.

People who prioritize privacy should choose a PVC privacy fence. This fence type has no gaps between the pickets, thus entirely blocking the view. It's the option when you want to shield your home and yard from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby.

The fence is ideal for enclosing swimming pools, thus protecting them from trespassers. Panels of different sizes that fit into each other are used to create a solid wall or barrier. You can use panels of varying lengths or alternating colors to create a unique fence.

Sometimes privacy is not the only thing to consider. Installing a fence with slight spacing between the pickets can permit air and light to enter. But this type of fence doesn't entirely block the view. A simple vinyl fence has panels with small gaps between its pickets for airflow.

A PVC picket fence gives your property a timeless look and works well with different landscapes. You can have this versatile fence in traditional and contemporary designs. Further, you can top the narrow pickets with an open top, domed top, scalloped top, or closed top. Therefore pick a picket fence if you want an appealing decorative boundary.

Installing a fence around your property doesn't have to be costly. PVC lattice fences are easy and cost-effective. They offer a smooth surface, require little maintenance, and are resistant to mildew, mold, and insects.

Further, the PVC lattice fence doesn't peel, crack, rot or become brittle like wood. Also, it's not vulnerable to expansion and contraction like plastic lattice.

It's mostly used for animal enclosures, such as the containment of horses and other farm animals. You will find 2, 3, or 4 PVC rails and posts in most farms and ranches.

People prefer such a fence because it's strong and can contain even large animals. Therefore a PVC post and rail fence is an agricultural fence, although you can use it on large businesses and housing developments.

There are many benefits of installing PVC fences. They include:

Offer Privacy: A Solid PVC fence blocks your property and yard from the eyes of neighbors and passersby. Installing a PVC fence and gate keeps intruders away, provides a boundary, and contains your children and pets within your property.

It's Attractive: There are available in various design types, colors, and unique features. A new PVC fence adds a lovely accent and enhances your property value.

Highly Durable: The PVC fence can withstand severe seismic events and extreme weather. Actually, it's virtually impossible to damage this material.

Are you planning to install a new fence? PVC fences have low maintenance because they rarely need repairs. You just need to sprinkle it with soapy water occasionally. They are durable, don't change due to weather changes, and are attractive.

You can easily install any of the 5 PVC fences mentioned above. Queensland Fencing Specialists will be happy to help you choose the perfect PVC fence for your needs.

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