Jul 05, 2023

Home Depot is selling a tiny home for $11,000

THE Home Depot has started selling sheds online and customers are converting them into tiny homes.

The popular hardware store is currently offering a 140-square-foot tiny home called the Sedona.

In fact, it's a steel-frame building kit that can be turned into a tiny home or a guest house, or used as an office.

It comes pre-assembled with steel panels that are said to offer an easy installation process.

Additionally, the tiny home is termite- and shrink-proof for easy maintenance, per Home Depot.

Just note that the Sedona Home Kit by PLUS 1 Homes only comes with the steel structure and the needed components to assemble.

This means that a concrete slab to put the home on will need to be purchased.

All kits from this brand are designed and approved to comply with building codes and zoning requirements.

Those who purchase the kit will get it delivered.

The kit also includes preliminary architectural plans, framing calculations from a professional engineer, and stamped engineering plans.

Additionally, it includes pre-assembled numbered panels, brackets and fittings, and the instructions.

To grab the kit, head to Home Depot, where it's selling online for just $11,075.

The Home Depot isn't the only store carrying real estate's new trend.

Places like Walmart and Lowe's also sell sheds that folks are turning into the tiny home of their dreams.

For those looking to spend less, try the one unit, 12-foot by 16-foot Rainbow End, which sells for just $4,839 at the Home Depot.

The base model costs $3,749, but to get the extra 72-inch door, super-duty floor, vinyl windows, ridge vent, loft, and workbench, you’ll have to pay full price.

While the Home Depot describes the space as an outdoor storage barn, shoppers can easily transform it into an entire home.

Another steal is from Walmart, which is selling a wood storage shed for $3,300 that shoppers are turning into a mini house.

The space is 10 feet by 12 feet and has a full floor included.

Two full doors greet you on the exterior alongside a window with an elegant gray trim.

Plus, if you add dividers, the single space can be turned into a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Like the traditional home, tiny homes come in many shapes and sizes.

While some are converted from sheds, others are from old shipping containers, buses, and even planes.

The most common tiny homes come in two forms: ones built on wheels and ones built on a foundation.

Just note that if it comes on wheels, it could mean that your tiny house is not actually considered a house.

Instead, it could be classified by local ordinances as a recreational vehicle or RV.

This means that some local laws will prohibit owners from living permanently in an RV, so it's important to check the rules in your area.

But a tiny house on a foundation will most likely count as an official residence.

There is no official definition of how small a tiny house should as some may even span two stories, although many agree that they typically range in size from 100 to 400 square feet.

Also, just note that a tiny house smaller than 70 square feet isn't considered a habitable house.

Conversely, anything larger than 500 square feet is normally considered a small house - not a true tiny house.

The U.S. Sun reveals a tiny home that only costs $99 a month.

Plus, a family of four lives in a $36,000 tiny home with no mortgage.