Dec 09, 2023

B&Q fan shows off the easiest way to DIY panel your wall & you don't even have to faff with a tape measure

YOU don't have to break the bank to make a big difference in your home.

Sometimes that best DIY projects are far less intimidating than they may seem.

Maddison Wood decided she wanted wall panelling in her entryway.

She shared the DIY project she did with her dad in a TikTok video online.

She said: "This is the easiest way to panel your wall."

Maddison said she picked up her wood panelling from B&Q.

"I just got some wood from B&Q. They cut it for you there but I got the wrong size so had to recut it at home."

Maddison used a white adhesive to secure the panels on her wall.

"Used no more nails, instant grab all along the button and held it against the wall for a couple of minutes making sure that it was stuck down."

The DIY fan found a clever hack to make sure the panels were evenly spaced using the leftover piece of wood to measure the space in between

"And used the width of two planks between each button to make sure it's the right space in the wood."

In total Maddison's budget renovation cost her just £60 and only took a few hours.

"Cost a total of £60 the no nails was like a fiver each and it took about four hours to this whole thing."

"I am so happy with how it turned out it's the easiest way to panel ever and it's so effective"

Maddison joked: "So so so easy, tempted to do some more panelling somewhere else in the house now."

The DIY fan's video gained over 279,000 views and people were very impressed with her results.

One user said: "Lovely, well done. Hope you have put a coat of poly to prevent the pine from yellowing since it's next to the window it will turn orangey in no time."

"Since when did B&Q cut wood down?" asked another viewer.

A third viewer added: "Great tips!! Thanks for sharing."