Aug 23, 2023

Acoustic Timber™

Timber has long been appreciated for its natural beauty, environmental profile and undeniable biophilic properties. However, when it comes to sound absorption, long-term stability or even fire rating – all rightfully considered to be some of the key components of sustainable spaces – real wood isn't always suitable, forcing designers and specifiers to compromise when selecting some of the most important fit out elements.

That's where Acoustic Timber™ comes in. Having launched in 2021 as Autex Acoustics’ first certified carbon neutral product, this innovative solution fuses the rich and timeless appeal of timber with the brand's signature acoustic performance, and offers designers a viable alternative when traditional timber isn't an option.

This new generation of realistic timber-look acoustic product has been engineered to provide a superior, multi-directional noise absorption in a carefully curated range of almost 20 premium woodgrains. Created in close collaboration with Autex Acoustics’ local timber veneer merchant, the collection emulates real wood grains and spans the gentle quality of Birch and American Ash, the more pronounced formations of Queensland Walnut and Tasmanian Blackwood, as well as the bold patterns of Jarrah or Yakisugi Black.

Using safe, water-based and UV-cured ink, the meticulously designed woodgrains are digitally printed onto the acoustic surfaces available as panels, baffles and ceiling tiles. With a practical range of versatile sizes, the product can be used in a broad range of applications across a variety of topologies. Whether it's a high-end hospitality setting, an auditorium, a learning space or a residential interior, the product lends itself perfectly to wall panelling or ceiling installations.

But its potential is much greater – this lightweight, economical and easy to install acoustic solution enables designers to achieve contemporary and cohesive interiors by creating wall claddings that match timber cabinetry or joinery, or enhance the unique character of the space with bespoke slat screens or ceiling features.

The versatile profile of the product is further augmented by Autex Acoustics’ customisation capabilities. With signature tools like Precision Cut and Peel’n’Stick offering impressive personalisation opportunities, designers can further tailor the panels to bring their unique vision to life.

But the creative potential of the product isn't the only quality that sets Acoustic Timber™ apart. While the wood grain finish imitates the authentic timber look, and offers a natural, refined finish, the product has been engineered to provide long-term stability and superior performance, as well as achieve a Group 1 fire rating – a higher standard of fire compliance compared to traditional timber. Focus on safety is also expressed through the anti-microbial quality of the surface, which further elevates the relevance of this contemporary product.

Of course, the sustainable profile of the product is yet another quality that highlights the environmental vision underpinning Acoustic Timber™. High-quality sound management has been proven to underpin sustainable interiors that promote wellbeing, enable focus and foster positive health outcomes, and the product's outstanding durability certainly supports the notion of enduring spaces that are designed to last. Underscoring these practical benefits, Acoustic Timber™ has been independently audited and certified as Autex Acoustics’ first carbon neutral product, representing the company's long-standing focus on sustainability and expressing their resolve to be carbon neutral in everything they do.

In addition, because the range is made in Australia, the operations help galvanise local manufacturing, and – by extension – support the local communities. Local supply chain has one more crucial benefit – the stock is always readily available.

By fusing the long-lasting appeal of natural wood with outstanding durability and inspiring versatility, Acoustic Timber™ is bound to empower any designer or specifier, while assisting them with advancing the industry's common goal of net zero carbon along the way.

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