Dec 02, 2023

Annapolis Furniture and Interior Design Trends 

Annapolis is well known for craftspeople, market days, and fairs since the late 1700s when boat-making and shipbuilding was the primary preserve of the area. In recent times, though, many who aren't in and from the area may not know that Annapolis has become as well known for its access to great furniture, whether made in the area or in the form of antiques from some of the great ancient historic houses and estates of the area.

Trends from places like the Highpoint Spring furniture market, one of North Carolinas biggest interior and furniture marts, have been spread far and wide, as this is one of the region's most well-known outdoor extravaganzas and fairs. Those noted below are the trends that seem to have stuck and are being incorporated into the area's furniture, making for a unique blend of old and new.

Adding metal or shiny embellishments to wooden furniture has become a popular trend for those making original and bespoke furniture and refurbishing the best antiques they can get their hands on. It's a simple yet skilled process that has remained popular in the area related to old ironmongery.

Jungelow is indeed a real word in the Annapolis area and has become one of the region's well-established forms of interior/exterior design trends and home features. Creating an indoor jungle bungalow feel is all about bringing the outdoors inside, using bright colors, and mass planting in pot plants and troughs that can be brought inside.

Given the history as briefly elaborated above, it is no wonder that one of the main materials being used for furniture and interior design is wood. After all, it is Maryland. There is a plentiful supply of wood, and it is being used to make some fabulous bespoke furniture. The market for seasoned Annapolis wood for furniture is booming because it is proven to be easy to care for, long-lasting, and simply recycled into other products at the end of its immediate or current lifecycle.

As with several other places that have a reputation for wooden furniture, it is logical to expect a great second-hand or used market for the same furniture. Once you have an overall look, you can always use popular places, like Forshaw, to add the final touches, or you can use the new trend of finding a gently used version at the furniture giant known for quality.

These design trends have spread across the Annapolis region as a whole and are making a vast impact on how people buy furniture and how they want to design their home for modern living, yet with furniture proven to stand the test of time. It is a positive development for the area as a whole and great for us to be developing a name for more than just fishing and the Naval Academy.