Oct 27, 2023

Army veteran tries to revive Kangra's wood art : The Tribune India

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Updated At:Jun 08, 202307:35 AM (IST)

Different articles made by Panchrukhi's Vinay Awasthi.

Ravinder Sood

Palampur, June 7

The cottage industry of Kangra helps a great deal in preserving Himachal's history and culture. The art of making products out of bamboo and other locally available wood is of great importance as it also acts as a source of income for the locals.

It is a matter of regret that this art is slowly dying with the passage of time. Because of the state government's lukewarm attitude, only a few are practising the art form professionally at present.

However, Panchrukhi village local Vinay Awasthi, who recently retired from the Army, has been making attempts to revive the lost art. He has been making various kinds of handicrafts from bamboo and other local varieties of wood.

In Panchrukhi near Palampur, Awasthi has set up a workshop in a room of his ancestral house. There, he makes articles like temples, toys, baskets, tables and monuments like Taj Mahal and Eifel Tower, etc. He works five to seven hours daily.

Vinay is inspiring others as he believes that one can also achieve financial independence by making such articles.





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