Apr 01, 2023

25 Modern Wall Mandir Designs Ideal For Indian Homes 2023

We all would love a separate pooja room, but having extra space is not always possible. However, getting a wall mandir design can be ideal if you still want a dedicated area to perform a pooja. You only need some free wall space to have a holy corner in your home, whether a studio home or an apartment. This way, the sacred space blends seamlessly the aesthetics and spirituality beautifully. A wall mandir design adds a touch of elegance and reverence to your surroundings while being a visual masterpiece and a place of worship.

In this article, we have curated a wide range of wall mandir designs, from minimalist to contemporary to traditional ones, which offer seamless integration of devotion and artistry.

Let us delve into the curated list of wall mandir designs that evoke a sense of peace, divine connection, and serenity and create an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Go through the list and choose one that sits well with the interiors of your home.

Geometric patterns are popular and attractive options for adding a beautiful wall mandir to your home. Adding geometric patterned doors to the plain mandir ultimately elevates it giving it a stylish look. In addition, the wall mandir has four shelves that help you store everything necessary to perform a pooja. The beauty of this design makes it a perfect addition to any room of your house, whether the living room or even the entrance. However, where you place this mandir depends on your personal preference.

Suppose you are a fan of minimal design with a sophisticated and stylish finish. In that case, this wall mandir design can be an ideal choice. The design has two railing-type frames on either side and wall shelves where you can save things. The upper part of the mandir has a small shelf-like panel that can hold hanging bells to make the design more authentic and traditional. Using contrasting colored wood, create an attractive wall mandir for your home.

If intricate patterns are what you are looking for in your wall mandir, then this beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated option can look perfect. This wall mandir works well when you place it in the living room, entrance, or foyer where ever you want. Unlike many mandir designs, this one has intricate patterns only on the backside and the top area of the mandir. In addition, the light-colored wood stands out against bright-colored walls or wallpapers. Finally, the shelf under the mandir helps you store pooja items.

This is a wall-mounted box-shaped mandir design that can match the interiors of any interiors. The main feature of this design is two prominent shelves that hold equal areas for the place to keep the figurines. Another beautiful addition is the door patterns reflecting a circular pattern with OM in the center, making the design look outstanding. This box-type mandir fits into any home's interiors regardless of size.

If you are an arch lover and want to implement the same in your wall-mounted mandir, this wooden pooja mandir can be ideal. You can either go for dark wood material or all-white to bring a delightful look to the design. Moreover, you can place this wall mandir anywhere in your home because it doesn't occupy too much space while adding an elegant touch. In addition, you can add LED strip lights to add perfect lighting to the temple.

If you are a fan of intricate patterns with a keen eye for detail, this wall mandir design with sandalwood color can be a perfect choice. The two large pillars, in addition to the interlocking designs, add to the beauty of the space. You can also get this type of mandir in-built into your home to make the appearance more elegant and attractive. The wall mandir will grab attention once you add the appropriate lighting and other decor.

Choosing an eye-catching and attractive jaali panel for some parts of the wall can form a perfect wall-mounted mandir design without creating a mandir. For example, there is a simple shelf in the middle of the wall with jaali panels on the top and side areas, creating a perfect place to put a figurine and call the site a mandir. However, adding a few other elements can add a more authentic feel to the mandir.

Suppose you want a minimal design for your wall mandir. In that case, this simple and modern wooden pooja mandir design can be a perfect choice. The mandir's side walls with intricate patterns grab the spotlight because the upper and lower sides are plain and simple. A small shelf under the mandir will give you enough space to store pooja essentials. Though white goes with any color of your interiors, you can always choose colors per your preference.

This beautiful stand-out wall mandir design goes perfectly in any compact space, regardless of the size of your home. As shown in the picture, using carved wood to create an alluring yet simple temple-shaped design with all the modern elements to stand out can be an elegant solution. Furthermore, since the mandir design takes up minimal space, you can create a dedicated corner in your home for a mandir. Finally, leave the mandir as simple as possible or add LED strips and flowers for other beauty.

This wall temple design is a perfect choice for cosmic energy lovers because it is considered a life-energy source and is known to be a spiritual addition. Additionally, the house's cosmic energy is encouraged with the help of the top triangle on the mandir because it absorbs the sun's positive energy helping the house gain positivity and cheerfulness. These wall mandir designs bring your house a traditional vibe while enhancing the entire décor of the home beautifully.

If you are looking for an authentic-looking wall mandir for your home, this one can be a perfect choice and placed according to the vasthu of your house. In addition, you can incorporate different styles of patterns depending on your preference, making the mandir more personal to yourself and the house's interiors. Furthermore, adding traditional paintings can give the mandir a magnificent look.

This unique wall mandir design looks astonishing in the house's corner with a Scandinavian-style jaali panel. This type of design is unique because you can place the wall-mounted board behind the diety, making it easy to do. However, creating such a unique and space-saving temple design requires the right combination of design, color, and lights. Finally, to give the mandir a beautiful view, place appropriate lighting, adding beauty.

Suppose you are one of those people who want to incorporate a temple-style wall mandir onto your wall. In that case, this design can be a perfect inspiration. Though made with wood, the mandir has all the elements which give it the look of a temple entrance which is further beautified once you place the idols inside it—hanging bells on the top area of the mandir, making it more authentic. You can also change the color of the mandir if the original one fades out.

Whether you have an apartment, regardless of the size, or a large villa, this wall mandir design will work wonders for any home. High-quality wood is the key to bringing an authentic look to the design, adding beauty to your home's interiors. In this wall mandir, there is only one medium or large-sized idol in addition to shelves on either side, which helps you place necessary things like duni, flower holder, etc. You can further decorate the mandir with flowers, artificial or original, depending on your preference.

This wall mandir design is a perfect example of converting whatever you have into something you want. For example, when you don't want an elaborate décor or intricate details for the mandir, you can convert a shelf into a dedicated place to put figurines and perform a pooja. However, you will not be able to place too many things in this place and cannot have many items for decoration.

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If you are one of those people who want to use the corners of your home efficiently, then this wall mandir design can be a perfect choice. This design fits perfectly into any corner without disturbing any other elements of the décor of the home. In addition, small shelves on either side of the mandir can help you stock things related to pooja or even god figurines depending on your preference.

This wall mandir design is open on three sides and has intricate patterns all over it, in addition to having some pillars on four sides. The top part of the mandir also has four gopuram-type elements in reducing order. The entire mandir combines different colors, complimenting one another beautifully. The mandir of this size can hold two to three medium-sized idols and several small figurines. You can always use paint to give this mandir a new look as time passes.

A singhasan is the other name for the throne in the Indian language. This gorgeous wall mandir design looks like a throne for the gods and goddess figurines. The wooden material with intricate patterns all over the mandir looks elegant without occupying too much space. The mandir also has two drawers that help you store things you would use to perform a pooja. The brown color gives the mandir an authentic look.

This classic wall-mounted mandir design is a beautiful representation of simplicity and beauty. The class comes from the dark wood theme with the addition of a leaf pattern covered on the mandir's door. The classic Indian look of the mandir is attributed to the diyas on the mandir's ceiling. This beautiful design has no new patterns or modern structure, making it an old and classic beauty. This mandir design is ideal if you want to keep everything simple and classic.

This beautiful wooden wall mandir mounted with wooden rafters on an accent or standard wall can be a unique option to place your idols. The final look comes with intricate yet thick patterns which stand out where ever you place them. However, brown is a perfect color for an authentic look, though you can always experiment with shades of brown or gold to make the mandir stand out. Though no additional storage is available, you can place everything under the idol.

Many people are fans of all-white materials when it comes to anything spiritual because they associate beauty, purity, and piousness with white color. So the wall-mounted white-painted wooden pooja mandir design doesn't go out of fashion and is an evergreen idea. Another advantage of a white mandir design is that it stands out against the interiors of any color and décor style. Finally, though a mandir with shelves is an option, you can also go for the one without any drawers if you want to save space, though it is a personal preference.

Handcrafted wall mandir designs are popular among apartment dwellers because they want a traditional look for a pooja space. In addition, the intricate patterns and use of metal instead of wood can give the design a unique and stand-out look. Furthermore, the doors with the words shubh and labh in Hindi add to the authentic look of the mandir gorgeously.

Suppose you don't want to go with boring or standard mandir designs. In that case, this wall mandir design with intricate patterns made with elegant material can be a perfect option. You can make the mandir eye-catchy by adding LED strip lights in the background. Though the mandir looks elegant in white, you can always make it pop using colors like yellow and red. Furthermore, little drawers at the bottom of the mandir can help you store some pooja essentials.

Having a separate space for a temple in a house is a luxury many people cannot afford. However, instead of being disappointed, you can get a simple, sophisticated wall mandir that offers you a tiny place for prayers without occupying much space. Furthermore, the size of this wall mandir makes it an ideal option to place in the living, entrance, or foyer of your house too. In addition to being minimalistic, it also is a visually appealing design.

If you are looking for simple pooja mandir designs for walls, this beautiful and unique design can be an ideal choice. However, regarding having class and elegance in your interiors, less is often considered perfect and stand-out beautifully. Moreover, the design is in such a way that it will be able to hold one large idol or several tiny figurines making it a necessary choice depending on the size of idols you want to place in the mandir. This way, you will have a mandir without causing too much disturbance to your home décor.

Wall mandir designs can transform any space into a divine sanctuary by harmoniously blending artistry, aesthetics, and spirituality. You can add elements that reflect your devotion while resonating with your beliefs elevating your home gorgeously. Whichever mandir style you prefer, we have a wide variety of options before you choose one for your home. Don't forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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