Jul 08, 2023

Selling Strategies for the Hardie™ Architectural Collection of Exterior Cladding

A curated siding solution of panel, plank, and trim products, the Hardie™ Architectural Collection offers contemporary design solutions to meet any style, allowing building pros and consumers to combine profiles, textures, and colors to achieve looks across modern, transitional, and traditional aesthetics. It also makes it easy to meet today's trends toward varied, multi-textured facades within the collection itself or in combination with other materials.

For LBM dealers, selling the Hardie Architectural Collection should focus on both looks and performance, with attributes that satisfy not only aesthetic needs but homeowners’ desire for durable, low-maintenance materials.

Weyerhaeuser Distribution is committed to delivering the reliable, consistent products you can rely on. Connect with your Weyerhaeuser representative today about the exterior cladding solutions available in your market.

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Consider these strategies to support sales: Understand the Value: Leverage the Design Versatility: Get Inspired: Seeing Is Believing: Combine with Other Hardie Products: Understand Your Market: Leverage the James Hardie Pro-Site: