Sep 14, 2023

Wood works: Veteran gets creative in Reva

Falgiano has honed his craft over the years, and is still just as passionate about creating elaborate wood works

of art.

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Established in 2016, was born in a small out building on a property that Fred and Ruth Falgiano purchased the year prior, in Reva, Virginia.

The Falgianos settled in Virginia following Fred Falgiano's time in the military. They wanted to be closer to family and Reva fit that bill. The other house hunting requirement Fred Falgiano had, was that the property have an out building (or enough yard to build one). He knew he wanted a dedicated space to create art with his favorite medium – wood.

After graduating from Woodbridge High School, Fred Falgiano studied at The University of Virginia, where he joined the Air Force ROTC program.

He graduated from the University of Virginia and continued his military career starting in aircraft maintenance, eventually being selected for pilot training. He proudly served deployments in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He was also a pilot instructor, eventually retiring in 2015, with 20 years’ service.

"My Air Force career was interesting and varied," he said.

He did and saw a lot during his 20 years, all over the country and overseas. He feels blessed to have survived some dangerous situations.

"Professionally, I had a few rather hairy incidents while performing my duties as a pilot that I was proud to walk away from."

He notes that the aforementioned events are only discussed "over a beer or bourbon."

When Falgiano was stationed in North Carolina, he and his wife decided to enclose their porch, converting it to a playroom. This DIY project engaged his passion for woodworking, and his creativity and enthusiasm grew. Falgiano reflects on the moment when he first knew he enjoyed woodworking.

"I really loved the challenge of figuring out every detail and I had a knack for making things right the first time, or the second or third — I just kept at it!"

He has honed his craft over the years, and is still just as passionate about creating elaborate wood works of art. He's turned his passion into a thriving business. The definition of small business, Falgiano is the sole craftsman and his only employee. His muse is his wife, Ruth. He gives her due credit for being his inspiration on projects. He says Ruth often lets him think it was his idea, however, they both know it was Ruth's. She helps him bring the creative vision to life.

Focusing on made to order custom projects, Falgiano is very ‘hands on’ in every detail and in the very literal sense – he does the intricate detail work by hand.

"There aren't too many hand-tool wood carvers out there anymore, so that's where I focus my efforts."

He crafts one of a kind furniture pieces and he continues to develop his skills by exploring just about every avenue of woodworking that you could imagine. United States Military or American Flag projects might be his specialty. His favorite project to date is close to home – actually in his home – it's the peninsula in their kitchen.

Falgiano likes being a local, small business. He wants to "keep it simple" and has no intention of growing beyond him being his only employee.

He partners with another local, small business - CP Johnson Lumber – for his hardwoods.

The majority of his clients are military and by word of mouth referrals. He wants each client to be 100% happy and works with them every step of the way to ensure this.

His goal for the future of his business is to keep woodworking and creating pieces for as long as he can.

The benefits of woodworking are immeasurable. Falgiano said it's quite fulfilling to see a project from start to finish.

"We need to continually challenge ourselves and woodworking doesn't have an end game," he said. "There's always something you can do better next time. It's the quest for improvement that keeps it interesting."

His sons are 9 and 11, and he is passing the torch as appropriate for their age, when they can safely grasp the skill. They are interested in woodworking, building and creating, much like their father.

Holding a Master's degree in Operational Planning through the Air Force, Fred is currently working on a certification as a Master Catechist through Christendom College in Front Royal.

He and his family are very active in their church and he coaches his son's soccer team. He believes that the greatest community impact is being conscientious about spending your time and money on what you believe in.

To view a gallery of Falgiano's work, visit

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