May 29, 2023

Best room dividers 2022 to screen off space in style

Get in the zone

hether you’re a renter or a mortgage-payer, we’re all looking to make the most of our homes.

Our spaces are our sanctuaries, but in crowded London especially, they’re not always the biggest of places. Our rooms often need to accommodate more than one function; a corner of the bedroom kitted out with a desk and ergonomic desk chair to serve as a home office, the living room doubling up as a mini gym or kid's play area.

Open plan is the way most new homes are modelled these days, but one large airy room can work against you when you’ve got a busy household all doing different things at the same time (particularly if they require a degree of concentration).

One way to divvy up a space? Paint. But it's a semi-permanent look that could be unappealing for some, especially if you prefer fluidity in your home. Another solution is to put up a wall, but if you’re living in a small home anyway, this could only serve to make it feel more pokey.

Enter: a room divider. Easily moveable and generally tall enough to make it feel like your space is truly partitioned, they can be set in place when needed and pushed against the wall when you fancy returning to an open plan format. They’re perfect for separating your home for work and play, but can be an interesting home accessory all of their own too.

We’ve found the most stylish designs on the market that will divide your space, not opinion. From simple flowing designs to intricately carved screens, there's plenty of choice to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Dimensions: 110 x 150 x 2.2cm

Available in two sizes, this folding room divider is as much a piece of art as it is a partition. The colourful piece will add a sense of richness to interiors and up your cultural credentials while offering inspiration when you hit a WFH wall.

Dimensions: H180 x W136 x D2.5cm

Ideal for the bedroom, this asymmetric screen brings together complementary colours to form a statement look. Made from medium density fibreboard and panels of canvas, it's an easy way to split off your WFH desk if you’re a flexi worker.

Dimensions: 250 x 200cm

This curved divide would fit in seamlessly in homes that favour a minimal, Japandi look. The design can be unfurled and positioned in waves to your liking, or curve around a static object, like a supporting pillar. This also means you can roll it up and store it in a cupboard when you don't need it.

Dimensions: 121 x 170cm

Room dividers can be obtrusive things, but this design allows light to flow in while still creating a dedicated zone. It can even act as a privacy screen for full-length windows so you can keep curtains drawn and nosey passersby out.

Dimensions:150 x 170 cm

This is rattan's world - we’re all just living in it. The ruling interiors trend is available now as a room divider, offering tropical, boho vibes to your interiors. It folds down flat, so is easy to store behind a sofa or cupboard.

Dimensions: 178 x 173 x 11cm

A nice stand-in for wallpaper if you can't be bothered with the faff of putting it up, this screen boasts light florals on a dark background, making it a statement piece in any room. The four hinged pieces are fashioned from Acacia hardwood with a cotton-linen blend upholstery. It's designed for indoor use only and comes ready constructed. It's a rather pricey divider but can be paid for in split instalments via Klarna.

There are three other designs available in black and blonde wood frames.

Dimensions:150 x 180 x 2cm

Magic up clever little nooks and crannies in your room in an instant thanks to this screen, which has been crafted from braided pine paper. The 6.5kg piece features three panels which can be folded in on themselves when you want to clear your space back up again.

Dimensions: 160 x 170cm

A room divider and shelving unit in one, this white wicker design really earns its keep. The partition offers space for a few knick knacks and can fold down to the width of a single panel when it's not in use.

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