May 29, 2023

Don’t take law into your own hands, says Dimapur Police Commissioner

DIMAPUR— Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Kevithuto Sophie on Friday urged the public to refrain from taking law into their own hands or share videos on social media when they apprehend criminals, but inform the police on time.

Speaking at a meeting with stakeholders to discuss sensitive issues and collective intervention at the police commissioner's office in Dimapur, Sophie asked the GBs and colony council members to educate and create awareness not to take action on suspects or criminals as they not have the authority.

People have the right to detain the suspects or criminals until the police arrive but they should hand them over to the police, he told the gathering that include presidents of GB Union Dimapur, Chümoukedima District GB Association, Niuland district GB association, Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Forum, and other organisations.

Uploading videos of thieves, drug dealers, sex workers, drug dealers or other suspects being punished by them could attract arrested for murder attempt or other crime even if their intention may not be bad, he said.

Stating that some of the major issues in Dimapur, Chümoukedima and Niuland are drug trafficking, extortion, drug abuse, presence of brothels, sex workers and sale of liquor, police officer suggested the GBs and village councils to pass resolutions about such activities in their respective areas and create awareness.

But even if someone breaks a resolution of the area, don't publish on social media or newspapers but inform the police, he appealed while saying that the NGOs, CSOs and police should work together for a better society. He also told the leaders to be aware of the residents in their areas to avoid problems in the future.

Informing that many accidents were reported during the Christmas and New Year holidays this year for five consecutive nights, resulting in the dead of several bike riders, the Dimapur police chief asked the leaders to create awareness about the dangers of reckless driving.

Citing a bike accident on Thursday (June 8) that killed the rider after hitting a road divider, he said most accidents are due to reckless driving, and 80% of deaths are due to head injury because of not wearing helmet.

Further, Sophie urged the social media users to think twice before sharing anything on social media by asking if their post will help or harm the society, as some posts can create issues between tribes or villages.

K Ela, Director of Prodigals Home, spoke on how to deal with children, women and substance abusers.

She said that today, there are even cases of Class 8 students who are into substance abuse and seeking counseling as there are no rehabilitation centres for minors in the state.

There are many police personnel or national workers who are mostly into collecting fines instead of helping others, be it drug users or sex workers, she said.

A common practice is that whenever someone is caught, the police personnel and national workers demand money and whoever is able to pay will be released while those unable to pay are taken for next course of action, she added.

Anna, PFO Dimapur, spoke on HIV cases and sex workers in the society, while Yambemo Ngullie, Panel Lawyer, DLSA, enlightened the gathering on how to handle drug users, as well as how the press and content creators on social media should handle cases of drug abuse or sex workers.

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